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I'm Cat, a Sr. UX designer based in Brooklyn, NYC. Currently working at Amazon doing research, design, and strategy for Internal Data Platform. Over 18 years, I've worked in B2B and B2C companies, launched over 60 projects with 47 clients, and earned press recognition from Adobe, TechCrunch, and Huffington Post. Read more about me.

My current emails are...

💌 Addressed to you as a long-distance friend, articles are 🪞reflections. I'm awarded top 1% mentor on ADPList for Aug 2023, and Top 10 Female in 2023. Writing this newsletter is another channel to extend my contribution to the design community. My advice contributed to avg of 261% ($62k) salary increase with my mentees.

🤖 I'm an analytical human, not AI. My articles are hand-written, leading with radical candor, vocally self-critical, and with the power of vulnerability.

🍪 Bite sized stories that takes <5 min to read. My goal is to explain big ideas, highly complex jargon, and topics in consumable and actionable language. How will you know it will be easily read? Flesch-Kincaid index.

Topics I write about in Q3-Q4 2023:

  1. Communication
  2. Managing burnout
  3. Career Growth as a Designer
  4. North Star Framework, Process, and Vision
  5. Work and life talk about self-employment and corporate
  6. Being understood and articulate own value to others and explain "why?"

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Based in New York, Cat is a designer who diagnoses user pain with data and treats with design. She leads with expertise in enterprise data software, multi-platform design system frameworks, and crafting interfaces to deliver holistic experiences that delight. Cat discovers end-users desires, analyz…