There should be a course for being laid off

"Cat, are our jobs safe? Google is laying people off."

There should be a course for being laid off
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"Cat, are our jobs safe? Google is laying people off."

There's practically a course for just about anything, except for the most important problem designers face today, laid offs.

🚀 Introducing... Layoffs for Designers

This is your ultimate guide to navigating the waters of job instability with grace, the most crucial skill set for the perpetually at-risk employee. If you’ve ever broken into a cold sweat at the sight of a surprise calendar invite from HR, this course is your new best friend in the age of AI.

"After taking this course, I can proudly say I've been laid off more times than I can count. Each time, with more style and less dignity!" - A beaming graduate currently on his seventh career pivot.

Course highlights:

  1. Pre-layoff: Our first module teaches you how to draft cryptic farewell emails that leave your colleagues guessing whether you're leaving for a better place or have just gone to the bathroom.
  2. Layoff Limbo: We provide extensive training on maintaining a look of mild surprise mixed with existential dread—the perfect facial cocktail for when the axe falls.
  3. Post-Layoff Leisure Arts: Dive deep into the world of daytime TV and rediscover hobbies you never had time for. Our "LinkedIn Lamentations" module will teach you to write posts so poignant, they'll get likes from people still employed.

Enroll today and earn a certificate as a Layoff Laureate. In the grand theater of corporate restructuring, this getting laid-off certificate will never become obsolete.

Our Esteemed Faculty

Our instructors have been laid off from some of the most prestigious companies in the world, giving them a level of expertise unparalleled in the realms of corporate exile. They include a former HR director who turned his LinkedIn rejection letters into a bestselling coffee table book.

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