Delivering short-term vapid improvements

Delivering short-term vapid improvements

Let's define what it means when we say design is not good?

  1. When the users of the design say, it's not good. (Obvious? 😳)
  2. When after you've explained the rationale, the audience doesn't understand.
  3. When you turn in incomplete designs, not flushed out all the options, and the problem has many constraints. Your solutions are shallow and problem is beyond your skills to solve.

There's only one way to get to good design. It's to explore every combination and evaluate them.

1️⃣Short-Term Delivery

Problem: When you launch fast at the expense of innovation. Focusing on design preferences or a specific phase of the user's journey and clueless about the organization's values.

  1. Implementing designs without user validation, instead bias on the development timelines and highest-paid-person-in-team opinions.
  2. Develop concepts and bypass stakeholders on the project, breaking boundaries.
  3. Embody lone-wolf mentality, believe you can do another's role better than the person in the role.

What to think about:

  1. What are the organization's values, and why? Any metric to show its impact?
  2. What does success align for you vs. the org?
  3. What is this company's culture of solving this issue that's worked in the past
  4. What makes your solution better than what exists?