Imposter syndrome for writing

Imposter syndrome for writing

Happy Tuesday.

Last week's post "5 stories from two decades of design" took me two weeks to write. I wrote that 3 times, each time when I read it, I thought "what is this?" 🫣

I had imposter syndrome. I forced myself to post an article on LinkedIn and let my professional network know that I've been writing here at Faangboss. I summarized my two decades of design career into 5, 1-min stories.

I hit "publish" and ran away from my desk. A bomb drop. 💣

Except nothing went off, it was any normal day for everybody else.

Writing in this newsletter has been a journey for me. Learning to put my thoughts into words, in the voice and tone that's authentic and honest.

I'm glad you are still reading.

Have a good week ahead,