A somber end to 2023

Reflective trip to Seattle. I was given the gift of clarity and broadened perspectives.

A somber end to 2023

After Thanksgiving, I had a week-long work trip to Seattle. I'm happy to have spent quality time with friends and mentors, stayed up nights sharing tragedies and triumphs of 2023. I was given the gift of clarity and broadened perspectives. It's nice to have people who can be a sounding board to your madness.

If you think Corporate America doesn't help the community, think again. Behold! The community banana stand, yes you can get as many as you want. 🍌#frugality

Nobody ever wakes up in the morning and goes, "I'm going to screw my life today." What I do instead is make micro decisions that prioritizes work over health and relationships. Everybody knows I am the resident workaholic - the girl who sits at her desk for hours and forget to eat lunch.

My coworker welcomed me back with the best part of his cookie, the head.

If I had spare time, I would be like "cool, let me do more work" or "let me schedule these meetings" instead of "hey maybe I shouldn't do anything!" For people like me, I burn out easily. I have to stop myself from taking ownership of things by scheduling distractions.

We have three weeks left in the year, and most of this time many will be taking vacations and PTO. Since work is going to slow down a lot, it's a good time to reflect on your year. What went well, what didn't? What are you looking forward to in 2024?

Reply and share what's going on.

I know many of you are struggling to find a job in 2023. As the year comes to an end, know that design is going through a huge industry-wide shift. It's really tough, hang in there.

The State of UX in 2024
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This week, I am writing a member only post on how to document your career accomplishments before December end.