From good to great, don't be well-rounded

From good to great, don't be well-rounded
"Let me overthink this" mug from Nick.

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You know what I do on Fridays? I briefly summarize:

  1. What were my top 2-3 focus tasks this week?
  2. What small wins did I achieve with these tasks?
  3. What am I grateful for today?

A sentence of reflection to bookend and conclude the week. Documenting these monthly, quarterly, and yearly is good for visually illustrates your growth.

I wrote about documenting your achievements in this paid subscriber post last month. If you are happy with this newsletter, please consider supporting this newsletter below: 😄

Achiever and Thinker 🙃

Career Growth Insights: Leveraging Strengths

My mentor at Alexa introduced me to the "Strength Finder" assessment. This isn't just another personality test; it's a tool tailored for career development. For $60, I discovered my top 10 strengths, accompanied by a report of actionable insights and areas to watch out for.

I found out I'm a big achiever and thinker. The realization sparked a broader discussion. I convinced 10 people to undertake the assessment and share their insights with me. Over the last two months, these discussions have led to a crystallized understanding of how to plan for action.

My plan

  1. Double down on my top 5 strengths.
  2. Improve the next 5. These are opportunities for growth.
  3. Assess the final 5. Determine which are worth investing in to close gaps. Remember, the law of diminishing returns applies - enhancing your strongest areas might not always yield the most growth.

This brings us to a critical question: How do you present your strengths? Moving from "I'm a fast worker" to “I create ways to make others fast. I deliver through them.”

By brainstorming different paths and considering the interplay of luck and opportunity, you can craft a career trajectory that aligns with your core competencies.

This newsletter is more than a collection of thoughts; it's a toolkit for your professional journey. As you reflect on your week, consider how these insights can be applied in your life. A user-centric approach isn't just for design; it's a philosophy that can guide your career and personal growth.