Greetings from Seattle

Greetings from Seattle

I'm writing to you from the PNW! Flew in on Sunday and had my first bowl of 🍜Ramen at Danbo. I've never heard of this place, went because of high ratings. Hit the spot for an introvert like me, eating noodles alone at the bar counter. LOL 😂

I'm on my week 2 of posting on Linkedin. Our social media leader asked us to think about what I'm offering to my readers, what is my purpose and goal.

My goal is to poke bears, make you (。◕‿◕。) and think twice.

That's it.

I'm experimenting what type of content will work best on Linkedin. Ranking from the highest impression to lowest, here's what they are so far.

  1. Satire. A class about being laid off.
  2. Origin story, 19 years ago.
  3. Satire about taking breaks at work, featuring a designer.
  4. Stance on High Standards. Discussing 1 LP vs. another.

Everybody on Linkedin is seeking employment.

What's in my mind on content strategy right now...

  1. A trending satirical job topic will hit the masses.
  2. Origin story lets new connections learn about me, without me feeling dirty.
  3. Calling out what designers struggle with by providing solutions and featuring them at the same time.
  4. Make a brave stance on what you believe.

What should I experiment? Write back with your ideas.

Have a great week ahead,